Breaking through the barriers

We live in an “open” culture but often our everyday lives offer very few opportunities to converse openly with others about some of life’s most important issues.   The Bahá’í Community in Kent sponsors events where you can meet new friends and openly express and discuss your views about life, religion, and spiritual questions in an educational and supportive atmosphere of acceptance and freedom of belief. Of course Bahá’ís do have convictions, but one of the fundamental tenets of the Bahá’í Faith is the independent investigation of truth. The Bahá’í Teachings affirm the responsibility of all human beings to see through their “own eyes and not through the eyes of others.”   What Bahá’ís generally have in common is that they have investigated the Bahá’í Teachings -and truths enshrined in other religions in general – on their own. So a Bahá’í is an ordinary person who has taken this important step of investigating truth for oneself, putting aside traditions handed down from forebears and ancestors.

Most Bahá’í events – here in Kent as elsewhere – are open events where everyone is welcome. They are often intended to be both social and educational.


Some of these events are: