An important aspect of the Bahá’í Teachings is the principle of “Independent investigation of the Truth”.  This principle dictates that each person must investigate the truth individually rather than clinging to the beliefs of ancestors or imitating those around us.

Firesides are informal presentations on the Baha’i Faith, normally held in the homes of friends, with a warm atmosphere of meaningful conversation on topics that might not get as much inspection as they need.

There are two firesides on the Kent calendar for July (though one is actually in the Renton community).  Don’t let the fact that they’re on the 15th and 16th prevent you from attending both!

This is the place to bring your questions and thoughts about life, religion and mankind.  It’s a rare opportunity socialize with others, enjoy refreshments and learn about the Bahá’í Faith in an atmosphere free from pressure and dogma.

To get the details on the next Fireside meeting in Kent, send an email to