Kent welcomes presentation on the Baha’i Fast

Book on the FastWhether you are preparaing for your first Baha’i Fast, have fasted for years, or are just simply curious about the Baha’i Fast, you are sure to be pleased from this presentation.

Deborah Walters, a Doctor of Naturopathy, will be visiting the Kent area and discussing her new book, The Supreme Remedy.  The book discusses how to purify and energize soul, mind and body during the Baha’i Fast.  Her book offers such chapters as “A Prescription for Today’s World,” “Fasting for the Body,” and “Alternatives for Those Who Cannot Fast.”

From Walter’s website: “In this profound yet highly practical book Walter’s draws on both the Baha’i teachings and professional experience to examine the human condition of the soul, mind, and body.  The long awaited book – the first of its kind – aims to teach us how to pruify and energize our soul, mind and body during the Fast.  It is also a general guide on how to be healthy in mind, body and soul all year round.”

The Presentation is currently set for Saturday, March 1, the day before the beginning of the Baha’i Fast.  Please click the “Contact Us” tab at the top of this page if you would like to attend.  A member of the Baha’i commuity will contact you with the location and time.